Breaking Through Finding Inspiration


by G. Coleman

Breaking Through

Have you ever felt like your missing out on something but didn’t know what? Or maybe you’re currently feeling like you should be doing something more compelling or rewarding, but you just don’t know what it is? Don’t worry. I’ve been there myself and I still feel that way from time-to-time. Feeling uninspired is a normal and very common thing.

Making something out of nothing, getting things done and feeling good about ones self is all a matter of finding the right inspiration. Whenever I  struggle to find the energy to get started on a project or follow through on a task, I can definitely feel a difference in my mind and body. I get sluggish. I then procrastinate and make excuses for not wanting to do the things that I really should be doing.

Other times, I’m just straight out feeling low, in a rut. Preoccupied by unproductive thoughts. When it gets like that, I rapidly loose the my natural desire to do the things I love to do. During those times I seem to have a knack for coming up with convincing reasons why I haven’t been exercising, spending time with family, socializing with friends or taking time out to enjoy life. Then it happens, I’m stuck, writers block!  Days when I can’t think of anything to write are the worst. Self expression is important to me and writing is my catharsis.

Finding Inspiration

I’ve come to the conclusion that feeling un-inspired is simply a matter of circumstance. Meaning if I change my circumstance, my situation and most importantly, I change what I am thinking about I subsequently change my mood. My energy returns, I start to find inspiration and I am able to push through the obstacles that were blocking me from enjoying the things I find rewarding in life.

My 3 tips for breaking through the lack of inspiration barrier.

1. Proper Nutrition: It seems like proper nutrition is the foundation of everything we do and experience in life. I’ve found that eating certain foods (nutritious meals) increases my mind power. Everyones nutritional needs are different so I’ll let you and your doctor figure out what’s best for you personally.

2. Basic actives: Try to change things up by incorporating new activities into your lifestyle. Go for walks with and without music. Free your mind from distractions. Try a new hobby or hobbies. Do some basic breathing exercises, try meditation, yoga or anything else that isn’t highly stressful for beginners. The key is be consistent. Adding a new routine to your day-to-day activities wills help to break up the monotony of what you were doing before.

3. Change your focus: Find a topic or a skill you want to learn more about or work on. Then create a low stress routine to help you develop a self inspired motivation for dedicating time to self improvement. Your new routine could be as easy as watching videos and taking notes on the topic or reading a book about the topic. Sometime just getting more involved is the easiest way to generate interest and the inspiration you need to break through a barrier that’s been holding you back.

The 3 tips listed above are not meant to solve all your problems. Instead, they’re more like a subtle call to take action. Feel encouraged and inspired to figure things out, get focused and commit to the goals you want to accomplish.


Break through, Start achieve your goals and Take control of your life.

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Changing the cycle of stress and chronic back pain.


The stress and chronic back pain connection.


Sometimes I find myself in situations where I feel great but the person I’m speaking with is not in a very good mood.

In the past when I found myself faced with such a situation I would often get caught up in the other person’s emotions. Probably because I had felt the same way at some point in the past. After those encounters I would often feel stressed out. Every once in a while I would get a headache but more often than not, my back would tighten up and my chronic back pain would seem to increase.

I finally came to the conclusion that there was a connection. Stress can make chronic back pain worsen. Now that I’m aware of this connection I try to practice a positive approach to being their for someone else who might be going through tough times.

If you suffer from chronic back pain maybe these simple tips can help.

  • Show empathy for the person and their situation.
  • Try to avoid internalizing their frustrations.
  • Just listening helps a lot.

Depending on the situation, if the timing feels right, provide a positive outlook and constructive input.

If there is something kind you can do in the moment, do it. Get them a drink of water, offer them a seat, direct them to a reliable resource.

Taking positive action usually seems to help me stay focused on not stressing out too much over the situation. It also lets the other person know that you care.

Dealing with chronic back pain isn’t easy especially when you’re feeling stressed out. So remember whether you’re the one that’s upset or you are the confidant, it’s how you feel that controls your thoughts and it’s your thoughts that create your circumstances.

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Eating well, being active and ultimately living better.


When I was much younger I was used to being active almost everyday. In my early twenties although I would eat well, I was still a skinny kid who always had to be doing something. I’d go jogging just about everyday and workout several times a week. I’m 44 years old now and a lot has changed since then. I’ve been dealing with chronic lower back pain since 1996 as the result of a accident that occurred while I was in the Navy.

My back injury had completely changed my life but I didn’t see the affects until it was too late.  Gradually, after I had injured my back I lost interest in a lot of things I used to enjoy.  I was frustrated because I couldn’t exercise like I used to. I had to cut back on hanging out with friends.  Just being out socializing and being active for a few hours would often became too painful. It was too much of a balancing act, trying to have fun while all the while trying to block out and ignore the pain screaming through my back and down my right leg.

Basically, once I stopped working out, I stayed home a much more than ever before. At home I didn’t do much besides watch movies on tv and read books every once in a while.  During that time I started reading different personal growth books and even thought the books were packed with useful information and inspiring insight I never took any real action. The personal growth information inspired me but at the end of the day I had fallen into too much of a pity filled rut.  All I really cared about was resting to elevate my back pain.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I guess I had also stopped caring about my nutrition. I was not eating well.  During that period of my life I had cultivated some bad eating habits.  I was eating a lot of high carb comfort foods. Overtime I became used to a whole new low energy, unmotivated, sedentary lifestyle.  I had lost sight of how unhealthy I had become and how much weight I had gained. It was like poor health just crept up on me, grabbed a hold and refused to let go.

In June 2014 I weighed over 276 pounds. I am fortunate to be 6’2” so the weight is distributed better that if I was a much shorter person but still I was too heavy.  When I started having trouble doing little things like putting on my socks and tying my shoes,  I finally realized how out of shape I had become.  Since then I have been trying different things to reduce my back pain, practice healthy habits, lose weight and improve my lifestyle.

Currently, I weigh 250 pounds and my goal is to get down to 205.  I know it won’t be easy to lose the rest of the weight but I’m going to try my best.  My overall goal is to achieve better health and wellness and share with you the inspiring insight I learn along the way.  

After all these years of suffering silently, it’s time to take action.  I have to continue losing weight to help my back to feel better, improve my health and live better.

I want to change my pattern from eating poor in nutrition foods and sitting around not doing much  to a much more rewarding pattern of practicing heathy habits. It’s time to star eating well, being active and ultimately living better.  It’s time for inspired personal growth.

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